Traditional Art Of Pandeglang

One of traditional arts that deserves worth notes is dodod from pamatang village, saketi subdistrict. This kind of art inherits from one generation after generation which only exists in pandeglang.
The history of dodod : according to some data and information collected from many rfsources among others; mr. Cakra, Mr. Yanar, Mr. Dasa and form other officials in saketi subdistrict that dodod grew at the time when islamic teaching was being spread around the 16th centuries.

Then, the banten people were hindus among whom were Ki Buyut Salya came from cianjur. He strongly strived to influence and persuade Ki tongko and his wife to confess islam religion. Though they both were powerful, finally they followed islamic teaching. The way of persuading them only through dodod. The present dodod is actually the original one, as it can be proved from the sound produce by its instruments. Other arts in pematang came from parigi spreading out to cikupa, but the existing ones can be found in pematang.

The instruments used here consists of two drum (bedug) and angklung buhun. There are three kinds of bedug; (bedug lojor, bedug penengah and bedug ketuk) used in this performance, and five angklung such as angklung nginging, angklung rendeng, angklung enclok, angklung ketuk and angklung gede.

The performance dodod
this performance is normally played at;
1. Rasul (Harvesting Feast)
2. Ngalaksa held every 8 years intended to get much better result of harvesting.
3. Starting to work in rice fields.
4. Celebration of independence day 17th august,
5. Ceremonies in villages.

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