Tourism Of Pandeglang Regency

Pandeglang is about 2.600 metres above sea lavel and has much rains of the year. The roads are fairly good and has similar art and cultures as serang regency.

Tourist Objects Pandeglang Regency is recreation and natural beauty
Carita Beach: a very beautiful resort for recreation an relaxation. The sea is very peaceful and the scene to the vast sea is lovely mainly to papolo island. No wonder, there are a lot of bungalows, hntels and places for rest that belong to private, intended for rent.

Ujung Kulon Wildlife Reserve: the wildlife Reserve of ujung kulon is the most wonderful reserve in panaitan island or prisen eiland. Peucang island andhandeuleum island in the bay of tamanjaya. It covers an area of 51.000Ha.

It has long been closed for public except for scientifi research and special groups that have special permit from department of forestry and wildlife reserve in Bogor.

Also including strict nature reserve, animal sanctuary, the botanical, zoological, geological and aesthetical. Ujung kulon covers an area of very dense and untouched forest in which wild animals live freely such as on horn rhinoceros the only sort of animal existing in the world. According to the latest census, the number of them approximately 30 to 40. Co-operation between world wildlife fund and the indonesia government particularly forestry departement has recently been set up on scientific research of wildlife in their natural state and also taking some efforts to protect them.

Besides the rhinoceros there are also some other wild animals such as buffalo (bibos sodaious), deer (Rusa Tomorencis), muncak (muntivus munchaks), mouse deer (tragulus vittatus), panther (phantheratigris), tiger (phanterapardus), wild dog (guon javanicus), Wau-wan (Hyosales moloch), also some other animals like; poisnous snake mainly cobra, crocodile, bat peacock, and more than 100 kinds of colourful birds.

Peucang island : there is a house of forestry office to be intended as a guard place. The beach streching along 600 metres is very fine and wonderfull that many people call it "golden beach", the sand is quite soft and clean and so is the water and also no dangerous fish.

Approximately 10 metres from the beach to the south there is under sea warer park full of plentiful small fishes of different kind, size and colour and also many sorts of colorful rock like flower.

It is really distinctively fantastic island ever exists like a wonderfully natural aquarium.
Mount Krakatau : erupted in 1883. Wellknown all over the world for its tremendous eruption. The son of krakatau rakata (2750 feet), Danan (1400 feet) and perbuatan the process of work, are wellknown as well. When we view panorama from above (helicopter) or from a tower everything seems to in other world of fantastic dreamland.

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