Recreation Natural Beauty Of Serang

Florida (uralaya) Aeach: close to merak harbour.
The plain and beautiful beach with calm waves and fresh air along the beach, for coconut trees give shelter from the sun. Mount krakatau and southern part of sumatra island can be seen from here.

Karang Bolong Beach : The name of karang bolong derived from the name of a big rock
with a big hole toward the sea found in this beach. This big holed rock probably was a frozen lava derived from the explotion of mount krakatau which reached coastal land of sunda strait.

This gate formed rock faces vast seas makes itself a very wonderful beach. There is a small forest and a very small building on the top of the rock for recreational purposes and for beholding to lovely seas. It will be a suitable beach for those who are fond of aquatic recreation, for the beach itself is no danger with plain and calm waves. Nearby the beach a stream flows to the sea.

Batu Kuwung Hot Spring
the name of batu kuwung originally came from a curve shopped stone where hot water springs from continuously. The temperature of natural hot water is approximately 70 - 80 E. In which this attractive tourist place built for tourists who come here to enjoy themselves. It is situated on the plateau of mount karang (1.778 metres above sea level), that is an inactive volcano to the south of serang.
Batu kuwung hot spring contains judium (1) which is beneficial for treatment of poliomyelitis, (skin disaese) etc.
This hot spring resource is different from others.

Bird Islan (P. Dua / P. Burung)
wildlife Reserve particularly for various kinds of birds that flock and lay eggs coming from Asia, Africa and Australia in certain mounths.

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