Tourism Of Serang Regency

Seran Regency The average temperature of 25.9Celsius, that consist of rice fields in the lowlands and coastal lands with their coconut trees. Serang is 111 kms form jakarta. The roads are in fairly good condition that can be passed by any kinds of vehicles.

Postal service is available for both domestic and overseas purposes. Merak, a small town located in the western tip of west java is a harbour that can accommodate ships of the size 15 up to 35 tons.

Places of interest (tourist objects) Historical inheritance. Grand Mospue "Banten"
Founded by sultan maulana yusuf in 1566 and around 30 metres from which there ia s tower erected in 1620. This mospue is located on the yard of former place of surosowan; to the northward and southward there are tombs of former sultans of banten.

Mesjid kesunyatan (kesunyatan mospue) it is 7 kms from serang, located on a former complex of the islamic school of advanced learners. It is uniquely attractive for its ancient javanese style.

The tomb of sultan maulana yusup, located between serang and old banten.

The former royal palace of surosowan there are now only the ruins of a tremendous technology of old times.

The former royal palance of kaibon and chines Temple.
Karang hantu harbour and ki amuk, an international port of banten kingdom in the 16th up to 17th centuries where Ki Amuk Cannon made of bronze with arabic writing has been long well maintained.

The former Speelwijok fortress, this fortress was stormend by the dutch (V.O.C) in 1685 near which there is a graveyard of V.O.C.'s soldiers.

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