Discover West Java Your Tourism Destination

Government: west java is a province consisting of 20 regencies and 4 municipalities. All territories can be divided into 5 tourist destination areas. Banten Area, Bogor Area, Bandung Area, Tasikmalaya Area, Cirebon Area.

These cover mountainous areas with dense forest and beautiful beaches and terraced rice fields. It is very spectacular to be seen from the air.

As the mounts are still active volcanos, there are found a number of hot springs. Some of the volcanos are quite accessible. Rice fields in terrace anchant the beauty of nature around and to the south are beautiful beaches with wave of indonesian ocean. Everything seems to be in fabulous places.

The beautiful places with various sorts of sundanese culture and tradition make west java even more fascinating place.

Ceremonies such as; wedding ceremonies, circumcision ceremonies, feast of harvest etc. Are of the tradition of its people. The friendliness and amiability of sundanese people always make good impressions among visitors. It can be proved by living with them in the very sort time.

The art and culture of sundanese people are folklore that express the ways of life of common people, depict happiness and sorrow by singing, dancing, or in the form of self defence.
West java is rich in its historical remains since the ages of animism, hindus, islam, dutch times, and revolution times, up to the present time.

That is the real picture of west java dealing with culture and nature as well as historical remains.
Transportation is no loger a problem in west java. FAcilities ar available such as; trains, buses, aeroplanes, ships, ferries, connecting java and sumatra and also helicopter. For local transportation, traditional vechicles are still well maintained such as delman and andong (a carriage drawn by one or two horses) and becak.

GUIDE TO WEST JAVA - The fourth edition with is form and characteristic and content tourism, private or public service this may be of great advantage.
To all of them to whom this information is devoted, we look forward to continuous development of tourism in west java in the near future.

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