This Effect When Children Always Forced to Eat

This Effect When Children Always Forced to Eat
Eating should be a not dreaded activity of children. Therefore, stop forcing children. Kids are difficult to eat and just want to eat food that's it, it often makes parents exasperated. For fear of malnourished children, many parents are trying to force their children eat.

"The habit makes the child the trauma of terentu food. As a result more and more difficult to make children eat"

In addition, the child or feeding habits snapped children to eat certain foods will affect his personality.

"There are children who become very stubborn because it used errands for you do not understand the child. The child also become sensitive, even depression," says psychologist who is familiarly called Nina's.

When parents force children to eat certain foods, especially fruits and vegetables, children will only perceive negative food.

Should allow children to consume food or show how parents also enjoyed the food.

Nina gives a few tips to make children like fruits and vegetables.

- Recommend your child in the form of fruits and vegetables, for example, a toy or a doll-shaped food. "It would be interesting for her if that is in his plate realized in a larger form and within closer," he said.

- Parents also can tell interesting things related to food, eg fairy tales or benefit of food is to the body.

- Create a hungry child. Sometimes the child is full but forced to eat. "Parents need to tell their children fed and hungry. Try to schedule regular children eat every day in order to form its metabolism," said Nina.

In addition, fishing hungry can also be done by making the children actively engaged. "If just watching tv or playing gadget that came out a little energy, so the child is not hungry," he said.

- If mom likes to cook, encourage children to cook together. It could also provide cutlery funny and organize the food is unique.

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