Tourism Of Tangerang Regency

Tangerang Regency - Nature and climate : the average temperature is 27.5 c. Tourist Objects Handicrafts and Recreation
Bamboo Workshops : the products are mainly exported to over seas countries like; america, Europe, and japan.
The paleces are in pasar kemis, cikupa, balaraja, tigaraksa, curug and legok pajajaran. Sport centre terbang layang; in pondok gede ilir and udik.

Art and culture :
Art Festival - pasanggiri ngadu bedug (drum competition) during hari raya idul fitri between two villages.

Festival on prock amation day of indonesian independence pilgrimage to vihara tanjung kait in mauk held once in a very beginning of the mounth and mind of month. It's intended to expect welfare.
Pesta Ruat bumi held in every big harvest
Toa Pekong Tuo Soe Kong - Tanjung Kait. Located on the beach of Tanjung Kait. Located on the beach of tanjung kait, Karang Serang, mauk subdistric that are worship places for chinese people Imlek New Year.

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