Staring Breast Can Make You Younger

Staring Breast Can Make You Younger
Staring Breast Can Make You Younger - Favorite part of these men did make life happier that eventually leads to a long life.

Be the desire of every people want to live longer, healthier, and happier. However, it turned out ways to celebrate the 90th anniversary was not entirely pretty fun to do. Especially when it involves traditional medicine that tastes extremely bad.

Another method heralded by many people, such as getting enough sleep, exercise regularly, and eat vegetables like animals on the farm is quite effective, but boring.

Fortunately for you because people from the tabloid The Sun, London, managed to create a list that ralatif and fun enough to do to keep the body healthy and long life. Relax, there are doing a lot of sex is also in the list you have to do.

So, here are six ways extraordinary fatherly make you healthy and long life are all supported by science.

1. Looking at women's breasts every day

If you want to live a long and healthy always, you have to look at a woman's breasts all day because of breast make a man happy. Happiness is the key to unlock all the potential that you have. Yeay boobs ...!

If you are looking for a justification of all that we've just said, you should know that once there was a study in 2012 that found that men with heart disease coroner but still positive thinking or still imagine two twin mountains on her chest, was able to fight for his health.

Just like high blood pressure man who always follow their treatment plan and finally think positive, in other words, they do not often think about the breast.

So that means, you have to imagine this GIF from of breast all day because it keeps you motivated and stay healthy. That's science.

2. Frequent sex

We've told you before that frequent sex will be good for you. Sex can protect you from cancer, keep your heart healthy, and make you sleep more soundly. Not to mention the sex was a very enjoyable activity. There's more reason for you to have sex more often to keep them healthy.

The study found that frequent orgasms will reduce the death rate by 50% and extend the life of up to 8 years. All of that happened because of good hormones released during orgasm your brain.

We think, sex is actually most effective natural remedy for youth. Cheer for orgasm!

3. Married

If you feel that marriage is the most difficult events in life, you are right. Marriage is tough. However, on the bright side, getting married will also help you live longer. What do you think?

According to the survey of 127 thousand Americans, a married man has a longer life than those who are single or decided not to marry. From the survey, also found that men who marry after age 25 are more likely to live longer dibandingakn with those who marry at a young age.

Maybe there's no real people do not want to live together under the age of 25 years until most of them potentially experiencing divorce instead it was very unpleasant.

4. Have a child

A study published in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health ef revealed that men who already have children, their life span increased by up to 2 years after they reach 60 years of age. By the time they reach 80 years of age, their life span increased by up to 8 months when compared with men who did not have children.

The researchers said that having children can increase the lifetime because you have to maintain a healthy life, you can not smoke or get drunk in front of your baby, is not it. The father no longer has time for fun or do other stupid things when they have to take care of the baby, which can also be interpreted with a longer life.

Especially if your child is very fond of you, a happy feeling that will make your life even longer. Your child may be able to have more children.

5 Have a Body "fathers"

Talking fathers, Yale Professor G. Bribiescas Richarcd say, has the body of "fathers" of the body more healthful than bertotot and very fit for a fat and flabby body farther from prostate cancer and heart disease, are also more able to spend time with children -child.

Plus, Bribiescas said, has chubby body can make you crazy by women will be increasingly easier to do all that is in the list.

6. Have a sense of responsibility

Not surprising, a recent study reveals, have a sense of responsibility is also a thing that can make you live longer. In the study, the researchers found, the old man in a nursing home that has plants have better social skills, alertness, and other general expertise about responsibility compared with other men who just playing or watching tv all day.

So, if you finally enter your child into a nursing home when you renta later, make sure your child also gives plants. It will make your brain stay healthy.

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