What are safety riding it?

Safety Riding is a form of behavior patterns in the drive so that the drive be safe and comfortable, both for themselves and other road users. When you're riding a motorcycle somewhere, would often come across some people riding a motorcycle at high speed, or so slow and so endangering himself and other riders who are nearby. According to the world health organization (WHO) under the auspices of the United Nations recently released The Global Report on Road Safety that displays the number of traffic accidents that occur throughout the year in 180 countries.

Before you travel further, let us know more closely about the Safety Riding. Points in the Safety Riding in general:

  • Gear drive. When driving always use SNI helmet, gloves, protective jackets, trousers, shoes and also SIM.
  • Motor condition. Always check the condition of the engine, electricity, gear sets, tires, brakes, lights, mirrors, etc. before you go away, so that the motor performance is maintained light and large do service on a regular basis.
  • Ordinances drive. Arm yourself with the knowledge of traffic signs and ordinances good driving on the highway, for example, are always overtaking another vehicle on the right, do not do other activities while driving such as a call, sms, listen to music, orderly regulatory signs and traffic and inconsiderate. In many cases, motorcycle accidents is more often caused by human factors themselves factors other than vehicles or facilities damaged roads.
  • Mastering the technique of driving. As the riders were smart, we have to master a wide variety of driving techniques. Some of the compulsory driving techniques that are under our control: Mechanical braking is better to use the front brakes, rear brakes, and a combination of both. Mechanical drive on the straight and narrow path, useful to train the balance without lowering the feet. Slalom, bermanufer to the left and to the right, can be useful when we drive on a congested road or jammed. Bumpy road, driving techniques when driving over uneven road or a bumpy without slipping.

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