Ordering Yamaha Aerox already 800 Unit

Ordering Yamaha Aerox already 800 Unit
Yamaha scored Aerox booking for the new motor has reached a total of 800 units. 800 units are already reserved it obtained from pivot offline during the exhibition of Indonesian Motorcycle Show (IMOS), by the community, and online pivot newly opened Monday (01/09/2017) yesterday.

"If the total does the pivot offline merged together communities 500s. If for the online pivot is the 300s," said GM Aftersales Department YIMM, M. Abidin in Jakarta, Monday (09/01/2017).

So Yamaha Aerox online reservations newly opened Monday YIMM directly discharged. "It has been completely booked the first day, the first day yes, the standard 300's to today," said Abidin.

Bookings made online Abidin said specifically for buyers outside the community. "So the real customer who is willing to buy sometimes a collision with two Yamaha's fanaticism. Well this time is expected to consumers who are not fans of pure Yamaha wrote that interest in yamaha (Aerox)," he said.

"So the online pivot ya make a real customer, how does the real customer demand turned out to be good," he said.

Yamaha Aerox 155VVA priced IDR 21.85 million On The Road Jakarta. And presented with a choice of three colors namely, Black, Yellow, Matte Red.

Tech Variable Valve actuation (VVA) and the Blue Core, the type that has excellent features is Smart Motor Generator which makes the motor more refined sound when ignited. LED headlamps with sporty design, lighter and more durable.

Its fully digital speedometer with a large 5.8 inch LCD screen can provide clearer information to the Multi Information Display (MID). Its capable of displaying VVA indicator, fuel meter, battery indicator, odometer, trip meter, average fuel consumption, real time consumption, digital clock, rpm meter. More handsome and sporty appearance with super wide tires tubeless tire.

Electric Power Socket for charging mobile phones and gadgets rider, so make it like touring, bike ride Aerox 155VVA do not be afraid to miss charger! Spacious trunk with a volume of 25 liters is able to load a full-face helmet size XL, most tire width in class motor matic 110 / 80-14M / C 53P (front) and 140 / 70-14M / C 62P (rear).

On the second day of booking online, Yamaha opened the pivot for 155VVA Aerox Aerox-R Version and 155VVA-S Version 11 January.

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