Lionel Messi statue Beheaded in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lionel Messi statue Beheaded in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Apparently not all people like Lionel Messi of Argentina. Sculpture belongs to the Barcelona star who was in Buenos Aires was just brutality unknown person.

As reported by Goal, Messi statue located on the banks of the Rio de la Plata as part of Glory walkaway - to honor sports stars Argentina - destroyed. Messi statue was beheaded by a half-body.

In fact, the statue was inaugurated last year by the mayor Horacio Rodriguez Larreta. Messi statue was made in the framework of the campaign asks father of two children back to defend the Argentine national team after having decided to retire after defeat in the final of the Copa America.

"Statue of Lionel Messi became victims of acts of vandalism that caused the statue without the upper half of the body," said a statement from the city government of Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires government promised to fix the statue Messi. It is unclear what the motive perpetrators of damaging the statue of Messi.

What is clear is deliberately targeting perpetrators Messi statue. Because, in the Glory walkaway there are many statues of athletes of other kinds of Argentina's top tennis player Gabriela Sabatini, basketball player Manu Ginobili, until the F1 driver Juan Manuel Fangio. But other statues are not damaged.

The destruction of statues in conjunction with the election Messi Cristiano Ronaldo as World Player of the FIFA 2016. Ronaldo beat Messi in the event.

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