4 Ways to Take Care of Hair Color Fast order not fade

4 Ways to Take Care of Hair Color Fast order not fade
4 Ways to Take Care of Hair Color Fast order not fade - With a variety of hair coloring trends ranging from ombre, balayage to pastel hair, would you really wanta try it, right? But, after coloring your hair, how ya, actually how to treat and avoid rapid erosion of the hair dye? Peek trick here!

Certainly colored hair needs more care. There are several things you should consider, in order to keep your hair color durable and not easily fade.

1. Use Shampoo and Conditioner Colored Hair Specials

Nowadays, many beauty brand shampoo and conditioner were issued with a special formula for colored hair. The content contained in shampoos and conditioners specially colored hair is in addition to maintaining the quality of color, also can provide moisture to the hair color that is usually dry.

2. Avoid shampooing Hot

It is one of the tricks that berwarnamu hair preserved, ie wash with cold water. By using a cold water, hair cuticle more awake, so the hair softer and glowing. If you wash it with warm water, natural moisture your hair will actually disappear and make the hair dry.

3. Reduce the use of Styling Tools

Usage catokan and hair dryer too often can make the hair more quickly faded berwarnamu. Therefore, reduce the use of styling tools that give off heat, because it makes your hair also becomes drier.

4. Protect Hair When Exercising

If you do outdoor sports and sun-exposed hair, use a cap to protect your hair. And when you do an outdoor sport, do not forget to use a swimming cap to protect the hair from chemicals such as chlorine.

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