Causes Headaches in Men

Causes Headaches in Men - Lack of vitamin D may increase the risk of chronic headaches, according to a study from the University of Eastern Finland.

In a study published in the journal Scientific Reports, researchers analyzed serum vitamin D and 2,600 men aged 42 and 60 years old who experience headaches.

As many as 68 percent of the men had only had vitamin D deficiency, which is below 50nmoI / I. A total of 250 people claimed to suffer from chronic headaches at least within a week, and they turned out to be deficient in vitamin D than others.

When the study population was divided into four groups based on the content of serum vitamin D in the body, a group that vitamin D, its lowest two-fold risk of suffering from chronic headaches.

These headaches occur more going after the summer, which is on from June to September. Sunlight (UVB) is an important source of vitamin D. Similarly, as reported by the official website of the University of Eastern Finland.

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