Restart for skin and whole body skin? Peeling!

Restart for skin and whole body skin? Peeling!
You fight to look tired and greyish skin? Try your face and whole body skin peeling thorough delight. The skin is due to him well supplied with blood, it becomes smoother, healthier look at ... literally shucks into a beauty!

In autumn and winter we have a perhaps more than ever feel that our skin needs to brighten, lighten up ... as if you called for some buoys and vitamin doping. To hear her wishes, take the time to skin and body scrubs. Once you try it once, you will appreciate its effect and you start it with gusto on a regular basis.

The bright face flawlessly
If you like to try in the first place peeling skin, believe that you can use it to get rid of a lot of small imperfections that your skin may actually suffer. Peeling unify skin tone, smoothes fine lines in the face, download pored, even pořešíte acne problems and you can get rid of some pigmented spots.

Peeling is usually done using special exfoliating creams or pastes, which is based abrasives (grinding) component - sea sand, crushed almonds, etc. The peeling but also have other, very pleasant fragrant ingredients. For example, try standing chocolate peeling with an extract from cocoa beans or peeling with a mixture of essential oils of lavender, tea tree, refreshing mint and lime, and eventually even scrubs with luxurious damask rose extract. It's up to you how we treat your skin peeling, zjemníte, projasníte while it beautifully provoníte.

Skin peeling, in which you get rid of dead skin cells, you can perform at home once every 14 days. But if you have oily skin, Pamper your face still more frequently, such as once a week. Conversely, very sensitive skin peeling prefer Treat once every three weeks. Peeling Always Apply using fingers on clean skin. Carry it in a circular motion, preferably away from the center of the face to its contours. Leave skin peeling to act for a few minutes, then it from the face thoroughly rinse off with lukewarm water.

More flexible and softer body skin
Not only the skin but of course the whole body skin, however, worth from time to pamper peeling. Body But choose right body scrubs, where component wear away the top-layer skin a little bit thicker consistency. To perform a body peeling is then essentially the same: apply it on the washed and still wet skin, while he let the skin to act, then scrub, rinse with water.

Peeling from experienced dermatologists
In addition to the domestic mechanical peeling but definitely worth trying and chemical peeling. In modern multistep treatment doctor applied to the skin first called. Hydrogel, which increases the permeability of active substances into the skin and its gradual release into the deeper layers. The next step now is followed by the very special solution of an acid, according to the type and the concentration of peeling dermatologist allowed to act on the skin from 1 to 12 minutes. It depends of course on the reaction of the skin to the treated area. Throughout the treatment ends up being the treated area applied soothing healing cream.

"The process of removing the upper cells and its formation is accompanied by increased formation of collagen and elastic fibers, thereby increasing the volume of subcutaneous. As a result, skin, therefore ensure not only smoothing, but also deeper regeneration. The method can of course be used on the body. Suitable for example in solving problems with acne, smoothing scars and stretch marks, superficial solutions to the pigmentation on the legs, arms, backs of hands or décolletage, "cites Katarina Třísková, corrective dermatologist from Medicom Clinic. Chemical peeling, it argues, moreover, the perfect time right now - during the fall and winter months. After treatment, the skin is more sensitive first few days and should avoid the sun.

Peeling powder, Yves Rocher (35 g, 299 CZK). First scrub peace in the form of powdery mixtures of 100% natural origin. Mix it with your favorite cleaning gel and created a unique scrub that meets the specific needs of your skin type.

Deep Cleansing Gel Clean Deeper, Nivea (150 ml, 105 CZK). Cleans pores in depth and prevents pimples and blackheads. Refreshing formula with minor peeling grains remove the dead skin cells, while the blue beads with lactic acid releases clogged pores.

Mikropeeling Novagen, Oriflame (100 mL, 349 CZK). Gentle mikropeeling lactic acid, exfoliating microspheres and shea butter. Cleans the skin from makeup, impurities and excess sebum, leaving it smooth, fresh and brighter. Visibly refines skin texture and visually minimizes pores.

Knife scrub The Ritual of Light, Rituals (570 CZK). Scent of sweet orange and cinnamon limited edition Rituals help embalm the whole apartment.

BioAroma carob Scrub (300 ML, 425 CZK). Body scrub Cretan karobovým syrup, lavender and karobovými grains. Carob is full of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Levadule has skin healing properties and helps skin cell regeneration. Cretan herb Diktamos has a firming abilities and is very effective in the fight against cellulite and stretch marks.

Coffee Scrub Scrub Mark (459 CZK), with aromas of chocolate, coconut and almond oil.

JAFRA revitalizing sonic device (2150 CZK). It is up to 10x more effective than cleaning the skin using fingertips.

Cleaning brush, Avon (49.90 CZK). It is ideal to gently massage the skin to remove dead skin cells, cleans pores in depth and stimulates circulation. With soft silicone bristles and a practical handle. The brush can be cleaned easily.

Exfoliating brush Braun Face Exfoliation 80-e (CZK 599). Gently removes dead skin cells. For intense and deep clean pores has a longer (10 mm) shorter and external (8 mm), the inner bristles. It promotes regeneration of new skin cells for a youthful appearance.

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