Breakfast Ice Cream Can Help Brain More Clever, Myth or Fact?

Breakfast Ice Cream Can Help Brain More Clever, Myth or Fact?
Ever thought of making ice cream as a menu for breakfast? It might sound strange. But according to a Japanese study, eat ice cream in the morning can increase brainpower.

Is Yoshihiko Koga, a Japanese professor who found that people who eat ice cream after waking up can be more clever. According to the research results, the ice cream can speed up a person's response and reduce mild mental disorders.

In his experiments, Professor of Kyorin University in Tokyo is asking participants ate ice cream in the morning. Then they have to complete the test as well as mental quiz on the computer. She also researched group of other participants who did not have breakfast with ice cream, but the normal breakfast menu such as bread or omelette.

Professor Koga also compare test results in both groups and found that the group who had breakfast with ice cream better in processing new information and their reaction is also faster. After analyzing the brain activity of the respondent, Professor Koga found an increase in high frequency Alpha waves in the brain. These waves, associated with increased alertness and decreased mental disorders.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, Professor Koga concluded coldness of ice cream led to a surprising effect on the brain that helps to improve alertness and awareness. He is also experimenting with cold water, to see if they also produce the same effect.

Participants were asked to drink a glass of cold water immediately after waking in the morning. Cold water temperatures were also increased vigilance, but the effect is not as great as when eating ice cream.

Besides beneficial for the brain, drinking cold water can also help increase metabolism. Nutritionists Cassie Vanderwall explained that cold water causes the body to regulate its own temperature. Normal body temperature is 37 degrees Celsius then when there is a lower temperature substance into the body, the metabolism will work to warm or to make the temperature inside the body back to normal.

To run this metabolism, the body requires calories to be burned. Although the amount is not significant, moves to raise the temperature of the body's metabolism can also help reduce calories.

"Only a few calories are burned when one drink of cold water," says Leslie Bonci, a registered dietitian, as quoted by Today.

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