Maintaining Healthy Skin Should early as possible

Maintaining Healthy Skin Should early as possible
The need for early treatment of the skin is important in order to look beautiful and healthy. Like the phrase "better to prevent than cure", before going on premature aging, maintaining skin health need to be considered.

Reo-Senior Medical Manager PT. Darya Varia, Dr. Michael in his chances expose tips to maintain healthy skin on one of the Roadshow beauty products at Hotel Santika, Tuesday, September 27, 2016, who said that the treatment has been carried out at the earliest possible age after turning Aqeel woman. It starts with taking care of the skin on the outside and inside.

"The simplest is to provide proper nutrition from both inside as eating nutritious food, multiply the consumption of fruits, vegetables, drink plenty of water and natural supplementation. Meanwhile, if from the outside it using a body lotion and sunscreen to nourish the skin from the outside, "he explained.

"When I was younger average age under 25 years of age was the same complaint. Namely acne and dull skin. They need nutrients from which provide moisture. On the other hand, in order that regenerated skin acne scars increasingly reduced, "he continued.

In contrast to the age of 30 to 35 years, said Dr. Michael, the problems experienced is the lack of collagen resulting in fine lines and spots on the skin.

"So it takes the right nutrients to the skin such as vitamin E and lichopene," he added.

While when using the right beauty products, should be required by the skin. Although there are no problems caused on the skin. However, using products that do not fit the needs of the skin will cause other effects.

"Examples in their teens use the product to adulthood. If asked whether you can, I can. But the skin does not need, instead we must provide adequate nutrition to the skin needs, "concluded Dr. Michael.

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