Acne Caused types Hormonal Factors

Acne Caused types Hormonal factors
Acne is not just caused by lack of skin hygiene or incompatible with cosmetics, but also a hormonal imbalance. Identify the types of acne which have grown due to hormones and how to overcome them.

Women have the hormone estrogen, progesterone and androgen, each of which have different functions in the body. Hormones that affect the appearance of skin and hair growth is androgen.

Under normal circumstances, the levels of androgen in the body of a woman is very little compared to that found in men. This hormone is required among other things to the growth of pubic hair. Excess androgens can cause many problems, one of acne.

"Acne appears due to clogging of the skin follicles were mostly caused by excess production of oil or sebum. Excess oil production was affected by high levels of androgen hormone free," said dr.Suksmagita Pratidinia, Sp.KK, in the event of media discussion of "Your Body, Your Life , Your Choice ", held by Bayer Indonesia in Jakarta (08/31/16).

Acne is caused by the cleanliness factor is easier to treat for patients to maintain personal hygiene. Unlike the jerwat hiperandrogen. Many patients who have tried a variety of treatments but the acne always comes back.

Suksmagita say, the type of acne caused by hiperandrogen also recognizable from the severity of acne. Usually acne in the moderate to severe category. Acne is already inflamed, red and painful.

"If the therapy is the treatment of acne has been standardized but still a lot of acne and oil control, usually because hiperandrogen," said the doctor who is usually called Gita this.

In general, there are four objectives acne treatment, a reduction in oil production, reducing bacteria, lowering kera- or blockage of the follicle, and the relief of inflammation that can cause scarring or acne scars.

Gita added, doctors can not directly identify the causes of a pimple. "Treatment initially to control acne scar so that not to happen. This was done in parallel with figuring out the underlying cause," he added.

Acne is triggered by excess androgen hormone therapy with antiandrogens giving contraceptive pills to reduce oil production and keratinization.

"Antiandrogen therapy is done about 3-6 months while they evaluated whether there is an improvement in acne and oil production, then slowly tapered," he said.

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